Myard is part of the passionate and innovative family owned company that began its journey in 1991.  For almost three decades on, Riverview landscapes and now Myard has maintained the passion and expanded on the Sultana family vision becoming a very experienced and flexible organisation specialising in landscape design, landscape supplies and project management.

Myard was created in and launched in September 2019 with the specific goal to provide landscape design and plans.  Scheduled for completion in 2020 is the Myard landscaping showroom which will enable clients to visualise their ideal landscape garden, this will be a first of its kind as there are no other businesses that provide this service for clients and customers.

Riverview Landscapes have a proven track record across the residential project sector ranging from budget landscape packages to exotic bespoke custom designs. Within the last year, Riverview Landscapes have completed over 600 homes from start to finish providing a variety of services including however not limited to earthworks, retaining walls, driveways, fencing and landscaping.

Riverview Landscapes works very closely with Myard on site and within the office to ensure you achieve the best results.

We look forward to the launch of our new showroom and send us a message if you are interested to find out more about it