Artificial Turf

Specialist in the supply and installation of artificial turf

Artificial Turf

Riverview Landscapes specialise in the supply and installation of artificial turf. Due to our expertise and knowledge regarding the product, we are able to install multiple varieties of artificial turf to the highest standards.

Artificial turf is a breathtaking landscape feature that increases property values. It is designed to imitate natural turf without any of the negative characteristics associated with it. This design goal has been successfully achieved and guarantees an amazing landscape.

Riverview Landscapes sources and installs the highest quality artificial turf suited to Australia’s range of climate conditions. We continually seek out the latest innovations in artificial turf to ensure our projects are installed with the best products available along with the highest levels of expertise. 

Artificial turf includes benefits unavailable with natural turf due to the principle fact being artificial turf is not living. As natural turf is living, sunlight and frequent maintenance is needed to obtain a healthy lawn. A maintenance free solution for the shady and inaccessible areas in a landscape is artificial turf. This allows you to have the best–‐looking turf with the bonus of having no maintenance.

To view images of the artificial turf areas installed by Riverview Landscapes, please visit our Gallery page.

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